HyTech Production

The highest physical and genetic quality seed while leading the industry in integrity, reliability and quality

HyTech Production Ltd.

HyTech Production was founded in 1998 to provide services to plant breeders and seed distributors for the production, conditioning, storage and distribution of pedigreed seed. The primary focus of the business is certified hybrid seed production and breeder seed inbred line maintenance and multiplication. Other services HyTech Production specializes in is production research, seed quality grow outs, facility services (treating, packaging, storage and inventory of seed) and coordinating international shipping logistics. Integrated into all services is our extensive Quality Management Systems.

With over 20 years of providing services to the international seed industry HyTech Production prides itself on customer service and attention to detail. Whether it be hybrid seed productions, breeder seed productions or research trials we are a full service seed production company. HyTech Production identifies and works closely with quality cooperators that have appropriate land for seed production. Our experienced staff manages all aspects of production, conditioning, storage and distribution according to regulatory requirements as well as our internal standards implemented by our Quality Management System.

Since 1998 the company has grown to where it is today with more than forty full-time employees in Canada and additional seasonal labour as required. A business unit has also been created in Chile, with approximately 15 employees, HyTech Production Chile, S.A., offers contra-season production.

HyTech Production Ltd.